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The Integration of Market and Nonmarket Strategies revisited: Market Investments as Strategic Political Assets

Dimitrija Kalanoski & Giovanni Batista Derchi (HEC Lausanne)

15 mars 2017  -  12:00-13:00, salle Extranef 125

The literature on corporate political activities often stresses the need for firms to integrate their market and nonmarket strategies. However, beyond case studies, little has been done to explore theoretically and empirically how firms approach this integration. In this study, we argue that this integration of market and nonmarket strategies is not only about nonmarket activities facilitating the development of market strategies, but can also be considered in a different way: in some situations, market investments can be inputs in the development of a firms’ nonmarket strategy. In particular, we explore how strategic market investments –research and development (R&D) expenditures and capital expenditures (CAPEX) – can be used by firms as political assets to support their lobbying activities. We also suggest that this type of integration of market and nonmarket strategies depends on the degree of regulation the firm faces in its industry, and on whether or not there is a political window of opportunity such as an election. We test and find support for our theory using a broad sample of US firms between 1998 and 2012.

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