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The Polychotomy of Mature Organisational Fields

Sarah Stephen (HEC Lausanne)

26 avril 2017  -  12:00-13:00, salle Extranef 125

Organisational fields are an integral staple of the theoretical lens of neoinstitutionalism. Regardless of whether this is implicit or explicit in a given work, organisational fields are the arenas where the theory is laid out. Extant literature has generally categorised organisational fields into two types, emerging and mature fields, with some authors referring to maturing and changing fields. Organisational fields are, however, not static - a fact that has implications on the existence and outcomes of field constituents. 

This theoretical paper attempts at extending the literature on the maturity of organisational fields by offering a non-temporal conceptualisation of mature organisational fields. This new categorisation is applied on answering selected questions of import in neoinstitutionalism. I conclude by offering directions for future theorisations and empirical analyses.  

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