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: Peer Reviewed


Bendahan S., Zehnder C., Pralong F.P. & Antonakis J. (in press). Leader corruption depends on power and testosterone. The Leadership Quarterly. [doi] [pdf] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Dietz J., Antonakis J., Hoffrage U., Krings F., Marewski J. & Zehnder C. (in press). Teaching Evidence-Based Management with a Focus on Producing Local Evidence. Academy of Management Learning & Education. [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Fehr E., Hart O. & Zehnder C. (in press). How Do Informal Agreements and Revision Shape Contractual Reference Points?. Journal of the European Economic Association. [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Herz H., Schunk D. & Zehnder C. (2014). How Do Judgmental Overconfidence and Overoptimism Shape Innovative Activity?. Games and Economic Behavior, 83, 1-23. [doi] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Eisenegger C. Pedroni A. Rieskamp J. Zehnder C. Ebstein R. Fehr E. & Knoch D. (2013). DAT1 Polymorphism Determines L-DOPA Effects on Learning about Others' Prosociality. PLoS ONE, 8(7), e67820. [doi] [pdf] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Falk A., Meier S. & Zehnder C. (2013). Do Lab Experiments Misrepresent Social Preferences? The case of self-selected student samples. Journal of the European Economic Association, 11(4), 839-852. [doi] [pdf] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Falk A. & Zehnder C. (2013). A City-Wide Experiment on Trust Discrimination. Journal of Public Economics, 100, 15-27. [doi] [pdf] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Barmettler F., Fehr E. & Zehnder C. (2012). Big Experimenter Is Watching You! Anonymity and Prosocial Behavior in the Laboratory. Games and Economic Behavior, 75(1), 17-34. [doi] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Fehr E., Hart O. & Zehnder C. (2011). Contracts as Reference Points - Experimental Evidence. American Economic Review, 101(2), 493-525. [doi] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Brown M. & Zehnder C. (2010). The Emergence of Information Sharing in Credit Markets. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 19(2), 255-278. [doi] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Fehr E., Brown M. & Zehnder C. (2009). On Reputation - A Microfoundation of Contract Enforcement and Price Rigidity. The Economic Journal, 119(536), 333-353. [doi] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Fehr E., Goette L. & Zehnder C. (2009). A Behavioral Account of the Labor Market: The Role of Fairness Concerns. Annual Review of Economics, 1, 355-384. [url] [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Fehr E., Hart O. & Zehnder C. (2009). Contracts, Reference Points, and Competition - Behavioral Effects of the Fundamental Transformation. Journal of the European Economic Association, 7(2-3), 561-572. [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Brown M. & Zehnder C. (2007). Credit Registries, Relationship Banking and Loan Repayment. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 39(8), 1883-1918. [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Falk A., Fehr E. & Zehnder C. (2006). Fairness Perceptions and Reservation Wages - The Behavioral Effects of Minimum Wage Laws. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 121(4), 1347-1381. [abstract] Peer Reviewed

Book Sections

Fehr E. & Zehnder C. (2009). Altruism (Economics perspective). In Sander David & Scherer Klaus (Eds.), The Oxford Companion to Emotion and the Affective Sciences (pp. 24-26). Oxford University Press.

Fehr E. & Zehnder C. (2009). Trust. In Sander David & Scherer Klaus (Eds.), The Oxford Companion to Emotion and the Affective Sciences (pp. 392-393). Oxford University Press.


Foray D., Grieder M., Lalive R. & Zehnder C. (2013). Peux-tu me dire si je dois lire cet article? - Une introduction théorique et expérimentale à l'évaluation de la recherche par les non-scientifiques. In Glassey O., Leresche J.-P. & Moeschler O. (Eds.), Penser la valeur d'usage des sciences (pp. 199-212). Editions des archives contemporaines, Paris.

Zehnder C. (2011). A Behavioral View of Employment: The Role of Fairness for Motivation. Responsible Management Practices for the 21st Century. Palazzo G. Wentland M.

Fehr E., Goette L. & Zehnder C. (2009). The Behavioral Economics of the Labor Market: Central Findings and Their Policy Implications. In Foote C. L., Goette L. & Meier S. (Eds.), Policymaking Insight From Behavioral Economics (pp. 355-384). Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts.

Technical Reports

Working papers

Bartling B., Grieder M. & Zehnder C. (2014). Let the Market Decide: An Experimental Study of Competition and Fairness. University of Lausanne. [doi] [abstract]

Falk Armin & Zehnder Christian (2009). Discrimination and In-group Favoritism in a Citywide Trust Experiment. University of Lausanne.

Fehr Ernst & Zehnder Christian (2009). Reputation and Credit Market Formation: How Relational Incentives and Legal Contract Enforcement Interact. University of Lausanne.

Fehr E., Hart O.D. & Zehnder C. (2008). Contracts as Reference Points - Experimental Evidence (14501). NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research).


Zehnder C., Fehr E. & Schmutzler A. (Dir.) (2005). Reciprocity, Reputation and Performance. Universität Zürich. [pdf] [abstract]

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Keywords of Christian Zehnder
  • compensation and motivation
  • contracts economy
  • fairness and trust in organisations
  • organisational behavior
  • psychological effects of minimum wages
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