CALL FOR PAPERS: Deadline 15 October 2005


First Annual Workshop on Global Interdependence




Studienzentrum Gerzensee, 3-4 March 2006




CEPR and the IMF are jointly organizing a one and a half day workshop focusing on global integration and economic interdependence. Papers will focus on the following topics from the perspective of global integration:

·        Global imbalances and sustainability of current account deficits

·        Macroeconomics of exchange rates

·        Capital flows, international trade and outsourcing

·        International transmission of shocks

·        Financial linkages within and across regions

·        Capital markets: challenges and opportunities for emerging markets

·        Multilateral institutions for an interdependent world

This workshop will take place under the auspices of the new CEPR Working Group on Macroeconomics of Global Interdependence (MGI). MGI aims to encourage academic research on macroeconomic aspects of global integration (broadly defined). Further information on MGI can be found at

The workshop is also part of a research program on financial globalization at the IMF. As such, it builds on the IMF Global Linkages conference, which was held in Washington on 30-31 January 2003. A website for that conference can be found at: