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Séminaires - Brownbag OB

Horaire : Jeudi de 12:00 à 13:00

Lieu : salle 126 du bâtiment Extranef

Les présentations durent environ 45 minutes, le reste du temps est consacré à la discussion.

Contact: Enza Pizzolante

The endogeneity problem in mediation analysis

John Antonakis (HEC Lausanne)

30 mars 2017  -  12:00-13:00, salle Extranef 126

A mediator is a dependent variable, m (e.g., charisma), that supposedly channels the effect of an independent variable, x (e.g., receiving training or not), on another dependent variable (e.g., subordinate satisfaction), y. In experimental settings x is manipulated—subjects are randomized to treatment—to isolate the causal effect of x on other variables. If m is not or cannot be manipulated, which is usually the case, its causal effect on other variables cannot be determined and results cannot inform policy or practice. Unknown to many applied researchers is that popular mediation tests such as the Baron-Kenny or Preacher-Hayes approaches will yield incorrect parameter estimates. I will show why this problem occurs, and how instrumental-variable estimation recovers correct parameters.   

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28 septembre 2017 On doing relevant and rigorous experiments: Review and recommendations (with Bernardo Quiroga, John Antonakis and Christian Zehnder)
Sirio Lonati (Hec Lausanne)
12:00-13:00, salle Extranef 126

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5 octobre 2017 The power of choice on emotional arousal: Regulatory mechanisms of situation selection
Elise Dan Glauser (Institute of Psychology, UNIL)
Host(s): Marina Fiori
12:00-13:00, salle Extranef 126

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