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Behaviour, Economics, and Evolution (BEE) Lecture Series

Horaire : Jeudi de 15:00 à 16:00

Lieu : Salle 4030 du bâtiment Anthropole

Contact: Sirio Lonati

Out-group aggression and In-group defense in Intergroup conflict

Carsten de Dreu (University of Amsterdam and Leiden University)

18 mai 2017  -  15:15 - 16:00, salle Amphimax 413

Host(s): Laurent Lehmann and Christian Zehnder

Intergroup conflict and competition can motivate individuals to contribute to their group’s fighting capacity at a personal cost and at sometimes high risk. Sometimes, such self-sacrifice is motivated by the greedy desire to subordinate and exploit out-groups (out-group aggression) and, by implication, it is motivated also by the fear-based need to defend the in-group against the rival’s out-group aggression. Archival analyses of group-hunting animals, firms attempting hostile take-overs, and inter­state warfare all suggest that out-group aggression is typically less successful than in-group defense, suggesting that evolutio­nary and cultural pressures may have favored capacities for cooperation and coordination when the group goal is to defend, rather than to expand, dominate, and exploit. Here I exa­mine this possibility in light of the results from experiments in which we engaged (groups of) individuals in predator-prey contests and tracked neural and neuroendocrine activity, behavioral investment in aggression and defense, and group-level coordination. Implications for regulating conflict and achieving world peace will be discussed, and avenues for future research will be highlighted.

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