Topics in International Economics



Bocconi University, Milan

(“laurea specialistica” in international economics)


December 1-2 2005


Marius Brülhart



Course content

Topic 1:  Economic integration and the location of economic activities

Topic 2:  Economic integration and tax competition

Topic 3:  European integration and the allocation of voting rights


Research seminar: A test of trade theories when expenditure is home biased



Topic 1:

The "core-periphery" model

Brülhart (2001) Evolving Geographical Specialisation of European Manufacturing Industries

list of references on the empirics of trade and location

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Topic 2:

The standard model of capital tax competition

·        Haufler, A. (2001) Taxation in a Global Economy, Cambridge University Press. (in particular chapters 2 and 4.3)

·        Griffith, R. and Klemm, A. (2004) "What Has Been the Tax Competition Experience of the Last 20 Years?" Working Paper, Institute for Fiscal Studies, London.



Topic 3:

The Allocation of Votes in the European Council, pre- and post-Nice

Baldwin & Widgrén (2004) Council Voting in the Constitutional Treaty: Devil in the Details

·        Baldwin, R. and Widgrén, M. (2004) Winners and Losers under Various Dual Majority Rules for the EU Council of Ministers, CEPR Discussion Papers, No. 4450.

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