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  Member of the Editorial Board: Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Economic Geography, Review of World Economics, International Economics, Applied Economics Quarterly.

  Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research, London.

  Member, Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force.

  International Research Fellow, Kiel Institute of World Economics.

  External Research Fellow, Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy, University of Nottingham.

  Chairman of the Scientific Committee, Avenir Suisse.

  Member of the Scientific Committee, European Trade Study Group.

  Co-Leader, Swiss Research Network on Fiscal Federalism.

  Co-Director, Tax Policy Center, University of Lausanne.

Current manuscripts:                               (return to top of page)

  "Daily Suffering: Helpline Calls during the Covid-19 Crisis" (with Rafael Lalive)

  “Covid-10 Financial Support to Small Businesses in Switzerland: Evaluation and Outlook” (with Rafael Lalive, Tobias Lehmann and Michael Siegenthaler)

  "Behavioral Responses to Wealth Taxes: Evidence from Switzerland" (with Jonathan Gruber, Matthias Krapf and Kurt Schmidheiny)

  "The Shrinking Advantage of Market Potential" (with Klaus Desmet and Gian-Paolo Klinke)

  "Who Bears the Burden of Local Taxes?" (with Jayson Danton, Raphaël Parchet and Jörg Schläpfer)

  "Let There Be Light: Trade and the Development of Border Regions" (with Olivier Cadot and Alexander Himbert) r&r Journal of International Economics

  "On Nesting Location Models Correctly: A Reply" (with Kurt Schmidheiny)

Peer-reviewed publications:                       (return to top of page)

  "Does Tax Competition Tame the Leviathan?" (with Mario Jametti) Journal of Public Economics, 177, 2019.

  "Trade and Towns: Heterogeneous Adjustment to a Border Shock" (with Céline Carrère and Frédéric Robert-Nicoud), Journal of Urban Economics, 105: 162-175, 2018.

  "Agglomeration Economies, Taxable Rents and Government Capture: Evidence from a Place-Based Policy" (with Helen Simpson), Journal of Economic Geography, 18(2): 319-353, 2018. (article in VoxEU)

  "Inheritance Flows in Switzerland, 1911-2011" (with Didier Dupertuis and Elodie Moreau), Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 154(8), 2018.

  "Taxes in Cities" (with Sam Bucovetsky and Kurt Schmidheiny), in: G. Duranton, J.V. Henderson and W. Strange (eds.), Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, Volume 5B: 1123-1196, 2015.

  "Estimating the Rivalness of State-Level Inward FDI" (with Kurt Schmidheiny), Journal of Regional Science, 55(1): 139-148, 2015.

  "Alleged Tax Competition: The Mysterious Death of Inheritance Taxes in Switzerland" (with Raphaël Parchet), Journal of Public Economics, 111: 63-78, 2014.

  "Progressive Taxes and Firm Births" (with Hans Ulrich Bacher), International Tax and Public Finance, 20(1): 129-168, 2013.

  "Do Agglomeration Economies Reduce the Sensitivity of Firm Location to Tax Differentials?" (with Mario Jametti and Kurt Schmidheiny), Economic Journal, 122(563): 1069-1093, 2012.

  "How Wages and Employment Adjust to Trade Liberalisation: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Austria" (with Céline Carrère and Federico Trionfetti), Journal of International Economics, 86(1): 68-81, 2012.

  "Does the Trust Game Measure Trust?" (with Jean-Claude Usunier), Economics Letters, 115(1): 20-23, 2012. (A longer version is available here.)

  "On the Equivalence of Location Choice Models: Conditional Logit, Nested Logit and Poisson" (with Kurt Schmidheiny), Journal of Urban Economics, 69(2): 214-222, 2011.

  "The Spatial Effects of Trade Openness: A Survey", Review of World Economics, 147(1): 59-83, 2011.

  "A Test of Trade Theories When Expenditure is Home Biased" (with Federico Trionfetti), European Economic Review, 53(7): 830-845, 2009.

  "Agglomeration and Growth: Cross-Country Evidence" (with Federica Sbergami), Journal of Urban Economics, 65(1): 48-63, 2009.

  "An Account of Global Intra-Industry Trade, 1962-2006", World Economy, 32(3): 401-459, 2009. (See working paper version for colour graphs.)

  "Sectoral Agglomeration Economies in a Panel of European Regions" (with Nicole Mathys), Regional Science and Urban Economics, 38(4): 348-362, 2008.

  "Vertical Versus Horizontal Tax Externalities: An Empirical Test" (with Mario Jametti), Journal of Public Economics, 90(10): 2027-2062, 2006.

  "The Fading Attraction of Central Regions: an Empirical Note on Core-Periphery Gradients in Western Europe", Spatial Economic Analysis, 1(2): 227-235, 2006.

  "New Economic Geography Meets Comecon: Regional Wages and Industry Location in Central Europe" (with Pamina Koenig), Economics of Transition, 14(2): 245-267, 2006.

  "Intra-Industry Trade and Labour-Market Adjustment: A Reassessment Using Data on Individual Workers" (with Robert Elliott and Joanne Lindley), Review of World Economics, 142(3): 521-545, 2006.

  "An Account of Geographic Concentration Patterns in Europe" (with Rolf Traeger), Regional Science and Urban Economics, 35(6): 597-624, 2005. (Extracts reprinted in de Gijsel, P. and Schenk, H. (eds.), Multidisciplinary Economics, Springer, 2005).

  "Enlargement and the EU Periphery: The Impact of Changing Market Potential" (with Matthieu Crozet and Pamina Koenig), The World Economy, 27(6): 853-875, 2004.

  "Public Expenditure, International Specialisation and Agglomeration" (with Federico Trionfetti), European Economic Review, 48(4): 851-881, 2004. (Reprinted in Jovanovic, M.N. (ed.), Economic Integration and Spatial Location of Firms and Industries, vol. II [series: The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics], Edward Elgar, 2007.)

  "A Tale of Two Cycles: Co-Fluctuations Between UK Regions and the Euro Zone"  (with Salvador Barrios, Robert Elliott and Marianne Sensier), The Manchester School, 71(3): 265-292, 2003.

  "Labour-Market Effects of Intra-Industry Trade: Evidence for the United Kingdom" (with Robert Elliott), Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 138(2): 207-228, 2002.

  "Achats publics et spécialisation internationale: l'effet d'entraînement" (with Federico Trionfetti),  Économie Internationale, 89-90: 173-187, 2002. [Abstract]

  "Evolving Geographical Specialisation of European Manufacturing Industries", Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 137(2): 215-243, 2001.

  "Industrial Structure and Public Procurement: Theory and Empirical Evidence" (with Federico Trionfetti), Journal of Economic Integration, 16(1): 106-127, 2001.

  "Export Growth of NAFTA Members, Intra-industry Trade and Adjustment" (with Michael Thorpe), Global Business and Economics Review, 3(1): 94-110, 2001.

  "Dynamics of Intra-Industry Trade and Labour-Market Adjustment", Review of International Economics, 8(3): 420-435, 2000. (Reprinted in: Kwan Choi, E. and Greenaway, D., Globalization and Labor Markets, Blackwell, 2001.)

  "Intra-Industry Trade and Adjustment in Malaysia: Puzzling Evidence" (with Michael Thorpe), Applied Economics Letters, 7(11): 729-733, 2001.

  "East-Asian Export Growth, Intra-Industry Trade and Adjustment" (with Michael Thorpe), Asia Pacific Journal of Economics and Business, 3(2): 34-47, 1999.

  "Ireland's Trading Potential with Central and Eastern European Countries: A Gravity Study" (with Mary Kelly), Economic and Social Review, 30(2): 159-174, 1999.

  "Economic Geography, Industry Location and Trade: The Evidence", The World Economy, 21(6): 775-801, 1998. (Reprinted in Jovanovic, M.N. (ed.), Economic Integration and Spatial Location of Firms and Industries, vol. II [series: The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics], Edward Elgar, 2007.)

  "Trading Places: Industrial Specialisation in the European Union", Journal of Common Market Studies, 36(3): 319-346, 1998. (Reprinted in Jovanovic, M.N. (ed.), Economic Integration and Spatial Location of Firms and Industries, vol. III [series: The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics], Edward Elgar, 2007.)

  "Adjustment to the European Single Market: Inferences from Intra-Industry Trade Patterns" (with Robert Elliott), Journal of Economic Studies, 25(3): 225-247, 1998.

  "Commerce et spécialisation géographique dans l’Union Européenne", Économie Internationale, 65(1): 169-202, 1996.

  "Intra-Industry Trade, Adjustment and the Single Market: The Irish Experience" (with Dermot McAleese), Economic and Social Review, 26(2): 107-129, 1995.

  "Marginal Intra-Industry Trade: Measurement and Relevance for the Pattern of Industrial Adjustment", Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 130(3): 600-613, 1994. (Reprinted in Lloyd, P.J. and Grubel, H.G. (eds.), Intra-Industry Trade [series: The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics], Edward Elgar, 2003.)


Publications in books:                             (return to top of page)

  "Economic Integration in the Lower Congo Region" (with Mombert Hoppe), in Paul Brenton and Gözde Isik (eds.) De-Fragmenting Africa: Deepening Regional Trade Integration in Goods and Services, World Bank, 2012.

  "EU External Trade Policy" (with Alan Matthews), in Ali M. El-Agraa (ed.) The European Union: Economics & Policies, 8th edition, Cambridge University Press, 2007.

  "Marginal Intra-Industry Trade: Towards a Measure of Non-Disruptive Trade Expansion", in Peter J. Lloyd and Hyun-Hoon Lee (eds.) Frontiers of Research on Intra-Industry Trade, Palgrave Macmillan, 2002.

  "Growing Alike or Growing Apart?  Industrial Specialisation of EU Countries", in Charles Wyplosz (ed.) The Impact of EMU on Europe and the Developing Countries, Oxford University Press, 2001.

  "EU External Trade Policy" (with Dermot McAleese), in:  Ali M. El-Agraa (ed.) The European Union: Economics and Policies, 6th edition, Pearson Education, 2001.

  "Intra-Industry Trade and Adjustment: The European Experience" (co-edited with R.C. Hine), Macmillan Publishers, London, January 1999. (click here for the Economic Journal’s book review)


Unpublished working papers:                                (return to top of page)

  "Intra-Industry Trade and Job Turnover" (with Anthony Murphy and Eric Strobl), 2004.

  "Regional Integration, Scale Economies and Industry Location in the European Union" (with Johan Torstensson), CEPR Discussion Paper #1435, 1996. (Reprinted in Jovanovic, M.N. (ed.), Economic Integration and Spatial Location of Firms and Industries, vol. I [series: The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics], Edward Elgar, 2007.)

  "Industrial Specialisation in the European Union: A Test of the New Trade Theory", Trinity Economic Papers, Technical Paper No. 95/5, 1995.

  "Scale Economies, Intra-Industry Trade and Industry Location in the New Trade Theory", Trinity Economic Papers, Technical Paper No. 95/4, 1995.

Teaching                                                           (return to top of page)

 Courses 2019-2020:

  Statistique II (1st year Bachelor)

  International Trade and European Integration (3rd year Bachelor)

  International Trade (2nd year MScE)


Graduate students and post-docs 2019-2020:

  Alan Asprilla

  Matthias Krapf

  Nicola Mauri

  Bernhard Nöbauer


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  regelmässige Blog-Einträge auf Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Batz 

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In English

  How To Make Digital Proximity Tracing Work: The View from Economics (E4S Policy Brief, June 2020)

  The Case for Reopening Economies by Sector (Harvard Business Review, May 2020)

  The Economics of Wage Compensation and Corona Loans (, April 2020)

  Introducing an Airline Ticket Tax in Switzerland: Estimated Effects on Demand (E4S Policy Brief, March 2020)

  Wealth Taxation: The Swiss Experience (, Dec. 2019)

  Swiss Corporate Tax Reform and Mobile Firm Profits (presentation at University of Lugano, Feb. 2019)

  Taxpayers Seek Strategies to Avoid Wealth Tax (ifo DICE Report 16(2), Aug. 2018)

  Trade Integration and Spatially Balanced Development: Implications for Uganda and Rwanda (Working Paper, International Growth Centre, London School of Economics, July 2017)

  How Do Taxpayers Respond to Wealth Taxes? (presentation at France Stratégie, June 2017)

  Firm Clusters and Government: Who Taxes Whom? (, June 2015)

  More than Copper: Toward the Diversifiction and Stabilization of Zambian Exports (Policy Research Working Paper, World Bank, Jan. 2015)

  Firms in Clustered Industries Are Prepared to Pay Higher Taxes than those that Are not (EUROPP blog, London School of Economics, Jan. 2013; and Royal Economic Society Media Briefing, Sept. 2012)

  Economic Integration in the Lower Congo Region: Opening the Kinshasa-Brazzaville Bottleneck (Africa Trade Policy Note, World Bank, May 2011)

  Competition for Firms: Zero-Sum or Positive-Sum Game? (IEB World Report on Fiscal Federalism, 2010)

  Is the New Economic Geography Passé? (, Jan. 2009)

  Helpful Tax Competition: New Empirical Evidence (, Nov. 2007)


Academic career                          (return to top of page)


  Ph.D., University of Dublin, Trinity College (1996)

  Lic.Rer.Pol., University of Fribourg (1991)


Positions held:

  Vice-dean, HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne (2012-2018, 2004-2006)

  Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne (2002- )

  Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne (1999-2002)

  Jean Monnet Lecturer in European Economics, School of Economic Studies, University of Manchester (1998-99)

  Lecturer, Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin (1995-97)

  Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin (1992-95)

  Economist for UBS (1991-92)


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