Learning MATLAB

Some text used in our lectures to teach elements of MATLAB MatlabLearn.pdf inclusive two bitmap files for figures (figure 1 and figure 2) Learning MATLAB 7 from mathwork is available here Learnmatlab_sp3.pdf

Codes related to Learning MATLAB

m file Description
Basicgraph.m Demonstrates some basic graph plotting and some basic usage of elementary functions. Download
Fcall.m Illustrates how to nest functions and local/globalness of variables. Download
Graphcapa.m Illustrates graphical capabilities. Download
Learning1.m Illustrates the usual mathematical functions with matrixes. Download
Learning2.m Illustrates the usual mathematical functions with matrixes. Download
Demonstrates how to open data files and use the data in the program. you will need to download my2.txt and change the path in the code. (see comment in the code) Download
Loops.m Illustrates the usage of a 'for' loop. Download
Optim_ilustrate.m Illustrates how to use the optimization package, fminunc.m Download
Plot2.m Demonstrate the usage of get(gcf,'position') return information from figure. Download
Showeval.m Illustrates how 'feval' operates. Download
WhileEx.m Illustrates the use of the 'while' loop. Download
Test3dplot.m Illustrates the use of 3d plot function - 'surf'. this is the code corresponding to the matlab help files. Download
Recursion.m Implementation of a formula and some code that performs testing. this shows that recursion is possible under matlab. Download
Testrecursion.m Uses the recursion.m function with value 3. Download
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