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Ivan Pelle

MASIT 2017 - 2018

International Individual Curriculum

"Make sure you pay your taxes; otherwise you can get in a lot of trouble."–Richard M. Nixon


"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."–Albert Einstein

The above inspirational sentences were applicable in the past, seem to be still applicable nowadays and will be applicable in our short/long term future. That is why MASIT is my reply.


MASIT, after obtaining my Swiss Tax Expert Diploma in Switzerland, provides me with a massive package of notions and practical experience in the global environment of International taxation to boost my personal CV for the years to come.


The International Individual Curriculum allows me to be up-to-date on worldwide tax matters providing technical added value to my international High-net-worth individuals (HNWI) & Ultra-HNWI clients through my (MFO) Multi Family Office Structure.


My preferred covered areas of competence of MASIT are International Tax Policy, Tax Treaties, International Tax Planning and Abuse, Advanced Comparative Taxation, Privileged Tax Regime and Tax Competition, International Succession law, International Estate Planning Vehicles, Taxation of HNWI & UHNWI (focus on residence and citizenship programs),  International Taxation in Selected Industries, Exchange of Information.

José-Javier Enriquez 

MASIT 2016 - 2017

International Corporate Curriculum

"The vast theoretical and practical knowledge gained during the MASIT is definitely a powerful career progression enhancer. The MASIT helped me to move to an International Tax Director Position"

Joseph Kateregga

MASIT 2014 - 2015

International Corporate Curriculum

"MASIT is a rewarding experience. It not only offers theory to international tax law in a conducive setting but is facilitated by leading tax professionals drawing from experience on the various aspects of international tax law to offer real time solutions to emerging challenges. Additionally, the admission criteria to the MASIT based on prior work (tax) experience adds flavor to the program as it brings on board a number of tax professionals drawing from a variety of tax specialties. This enables peer learning and positive critique."

Pitambar Das

MASIT 2014-2015

International Corporate Curriculum

"MASIT is fabulous course, both for the tax professionals and the tax administrators around the globe. The course content has a balanced blend of theory and practical. Truly commited faculty with global exposure gives a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire critical soft skills. The global campus at the University of Lausanne gives an unique experience and much desired international exposure. The last but not the least, the commendable efforts put in by the "Team Masit" in achieving the best has left a memorable imprint on me."

Tatiana Hilton

MASIT 2014-2015

International Individual Curriculum

"The past year has been a wonderful and enriching experience both on personal and academic level. I have met very good friends who I hope to keep for the years to come and I have managed to systemize the knowledge I gained on the job and transfer it into solid analytical background which is adaptable to any situation. I am most grateful to our professors who took time from their main jobs to share their knowledge and experience with us, as well as to the Master Diploma organizers who made it happen in the first place. A particular thank you to Vikram Chand, a great professor, who managers to explain very complicated staff and make it seem easy to absorb. I loved feeling young again, thank you for everything!"

Marie-José Bratcov

MASIT 2013-2014

International Individual Curriculum

  • "Intelectually chalenging;
  • A truly enriching experience;
  • Which I would strongly recommend to all professionals;
  • Which offers a taste for "more"; and
  • Great orators and very diversified topics."

Damien Oberholzer

MASIT 2014-2015

Swiss Curriculum

"MASIT was a marvelous experience. Of course, the study is highly demanding, but it is worth going a bit further of your comfort zone. The Swiss curriculum mixture between Swiss, European and International Tax Law is for sure an added-value for any tax professional. The renowned quality of the professors and staff and the networking possibilities between the participants made the MASIT, an unforgettable experience."

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