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International Curriculum

In line with the general structure of the MAS, the International curriculum comprises core courses and an alternative specialization in International Corporate Taxation & Tax Governance or International Estate Planning & Tax Compliance. This structure allows the candidates to specialize in the area which best corresponds to their actual or contemplated area of practice.

Full time candidates

1 year (2 semesters)

For candidates taking the MASIT on a full time basis, the core courses are held from January to June, while the specializations take place from July to December. For one year, courses take place at the University of Lausanne on Thursday / Friday / Saturday every alternate week. During the rest of the month, candidates undertaking the MASIT on a full time basis attend seminars and workshops while working on the preparation of their Master Thesis.

Part time candidates

1.5 year (3 semesters)

For candidates taking the MASIT on a part time basis, the Master Thesis must be submitted by the end of the third semester, i.e. from January to June of the following year.

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