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Thèses de Master

Superviseurs entre parenthèses


Florent GIRARDIN "Une rechercher sur le commerc équitable : Analyse du  comportement du consommateur en Suisse Romande" (G. Cestre)

Zhaofei HUANG "An Explanatory Model of Brand Death And Practice in Reality" (B. Ivens)

David KEHLHOFER "Personality and Consumer Price Perceptions: An Exploratory Study" (B. Ivens)


Adel AZIZ "Cooperation and Defection in Negociation: The Prisoner's Dilemma Case" (J.-C. Usunier)

Mine DIREN "Luxury goods marketing in developing countries. The case of Turkey and China" (B. Ivens)

Natacha GAJDOCZKI "China - A challenge for European Companies: Analysis of the key success factors for European enterprises in the Chinesse market" (B. Ivens)

Sébastien TAUXE "De la situation de consommation à la préférence pour une marque" (G. Cestre)

Melvyna VALYDON "e-CRM: a Comparison Across Sectors and Survey of Customers'perception" (B. Müller)

Laetitia WU-TIU-YEN "Le Trading up, une stratégie efficace mais spécifique" (B. Catry)


Jean-Marie BEGUIN "The Swiss Banking Industry: An Application of Macneil's Relational Norms Theory" (B. Ivens)

Antoine CRETTAZ "Rejuvenation of Ageing Brands in terms of Visual Identity and the Impact on Brand Modernity" (B. Müller)

Olaf DALGAS "Future of the Wine Sector in Valais" (B. Catry)

Maxime JACCOUD "Misbehaviour in Online Reputation Systems" (J.-C. Usunier)

Olaya LOPEZ "On Line Reputation Systems" (J.-C. Usunier)

Martine SCHAAL "An Analysis of customer reaction towards products line reductions" (G. Cestre)

James WELCH "Business Models for Online Reputation Systems - an Empirical Analysis" (J.-C. Usunier)

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