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Thèses de Doctorat


Bruno KOCHER “When does a change in established brand name-logo consistency affect consumers'brand attitudes? An investigation of moderating effects”.


Amandine PERRINJAQUET “The value / personality - attitude - behavior hierarchy and its impact on individual performance in the context of market orientation”.


Janet SHANER "The relationship between external business networks and performance in foreign investments".


Dominique Olivier MARGUERAT "Une approche causale des comportements d'achat et post-achat de produits écolabellisés".


Sue GODFREY "An analysis of the trade-offs and price sensitivity of european consumers to environmentally-friendly food and beverage packaging using conjoint methodology".

Mohamed Mostafa BRAHAMI "Influence de la culture sur l'éthique en marketing international, comparaison cross-culturelle entre managers suisses et arabes (pays du Golfe)".

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