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Articles Récents

  • “La rhétorique circulaire du monolinguisme anglais dans le domaine de l’économie et du management”, Bulletin Suisse de Linguistique Appliquée, Numéro spécial, 2013, 107-120.

  • “Comparative Thick Description: Articulating similarities and differences in local consumer experience”, International Marketing Review, 2013, 30(1), 42-55 (avec Stéphane Sbizzera).

  • “Corporate Branding: An Interdisciplinary Literature Review”, European Journal of Marketing, 46(5), 2012, 733-753 (avec Marc Fetscherin).
  • “Does the trust game measure trust?”, Economics Letters, 115 (2012), 20–23 (avec Marius Bülhart).
  • “Corporate Branding: An Interdisciplinary Literature Review”, European Journal of Marketing, 46(5), 2012, 733-753 (avec Marc Fetscherin).
  • “Langue et Commerce International des Services : Un Point de Situation”, Français & Société, 22-23, Décembre 2011, 279-288.
  • "The Perceived Trade-Off Between Corporate Social and Economic Responsibilities: A Cross-National Study", International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 11(3), Décembre 2011, 279-302. (avec Olivier Furrer et Amandine Perrinjaquet).
  • “The Shift from Manufacturing to Brand Origin: Suggestions for improving COO relevance”, International Marketing Review, 28(5), 486-495, 2011.
  • “Language as a Resource to Assess Cross-cultural Equivalence in Quantitative Management Research”, Journal of World Business, 46(3), 314-319, 2011.
  • The Influence of High- and Low-Context Communication Styles on the Design, Content, and Language of Business-to-Business Web Sites, Journal of Business Communication, Volume 47, Numéro 2, Avril 2010, pp. 189-227 (avec Nicolas Roulin).
  • "Cultural, national, and industry-level differences in B2B Web site design and content," International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 14(2), Hiver 2009-2010, 41-87 (avec Nicolas Roulin et Bjoern Ivens).
  • "Further Considerations on the Relevance of Country-of-Origin Research," European Management Review, Décembre 2008, 271-274, (avec Ghislaine Cestre).
  • "Product Ethnicity: Revisiting the Match Between Products and Countries," Journal of International Marketing, 2007, 15(3), 32-72 (avec Ghislaine Cestre)
  • "The Time-Styles Scale: A Review of Developments and Replications over 15 years", Time and Society,  2007, 16(2/3), 349-382  (avec Pierre Valette-Florence). (full text)
  • «Cognitive, Demographic, and Situational Determinants of Service Customer Preference for Personnel-in-Contact over Self-Service Technology» International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2007, 24(2), 163-173 (avec Françoise Simon). (full text)
  • "A Test of the Quasi-Circumplex Structure of Human Values", Journal of Research in Personality, 2007, 41(4), 820-840 (avec Amandine Perrinjaquet, Olivier Furrer, Ghislaine Cestre, et Pierre Valette-Florence). (full text)
  • "Relevance Versus Convenience in Business Research: The Case of Country-of-Origin Research in Marketing," European Management Review, 2006, 3(1), 60-73. (full text)
  • "The Effect of Perceived Brand Name–Logo Coherence on Brand Attitudes," in Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. XXXIII, eds. Cornelia Pechmann et Linda Price, Association for Consumer Research: San Antonio TX, 2005 (avec B. Kocher et S. Czellar).
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