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Marketing Across Cultures, 3rd edition

Pearson Education (Prentice Hall / Financial Times)
3rd edition 1999
New edition forthcoming end of 2004

Understanding what is country-specific and what is universal is essential for the design of marketing strategies that can be successfully implemented across national markets. Marketing Across Cultures explores the theoretical and practical implications of thinking local but acting global. Unlike many texts, it emphasizes people, languages and cultures, and recognizes the diversity in local consumer knowledge and marketing practices. This approach, which is also followed by multinational companies, combines the search for global competitiveness with the necessary adjustment for local success.

This successful text uses a two-stage cultural approach to exploring international marketing:

  • A cross-cultural approach - this compares marketing systems and local commercial customs in various countries.
  • An inter-cultural approach - the study of interaction between business peoples of different national cultures.

This third edition offers increased coverage of the globalization of markets, emphasizing in particular how consumer behaviour and marketing environments are converging at a global level while local customers still give very different meanings to consumption. Teaching materials (including cases, exercises and critical incidents) illustrate the effects of cultural differences on each facet of international marketing, including consumer behaviour, market research, product and price policies, channel decisions and marketing communications.

Marketing Across Cultures is an invaluable text for all undergraduates and MBA students studying international marketing and for marketing practitioners who wish to improve their cultural awareness.

The front cover features an original work entitled "Les Belges" by Irène Sturbelle.
It symbolizes the lion of the Flems and the Gallic cockerel representing the Walloons (two traditionally antagonistic cultural groups in Belgium), united by their love of football.

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