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International and Cross-Cultural Management Research

Jean-Claude Usunier (Sage, London, 1998)

The increasingly global business environment has led to both a greater practical need for international management research and a questioning of whether management science follows universal rules.
International and Cross-Cultural Management Research addresses the particular characteristics of international management research, including the important role of culture. A key introduction provides a comprehensive overview of the major issues and different approaches to international management research. The book offers a typology of research designs in international management, and shows the role culture plays in such designs. Also discussed are the theories and paradigms that serve international and cross-cultural management research. Throughout, the author provides numerous illustrative examples from key empirical studies.

International and Cross-Cultural Management Research offers an accessible introduction to the major principles and practices. It will be an indispensable guide for students and others wishing to undertake research in business and management with an international and/or cross-cultural dimension.

Jean-Claude Usunier is Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Lausanne, Graduate School of Business (HEC), Switzerland.

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