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International Business Negotiations

Pr. Pervez Ghauri (UMIST, Manchester) and Pr. Jean-Claude Usunier (HEC, University of Lausanne)
(Pergamon/Elsevier, 1996)

There is no shortage of books on business negotiations, some with an "international" dimension grafted onto them. This volume, by contrast, is designed to meet the need for a comprehensive guide to the complexities and pitfalls specific to international negotiations. It addresses a range of issues such as background factors, the process of negotiation, the role of third parties, problems of cross-cultural communication, and strategies and tactics to be adopted when negotiating in the international arena.
Throughout, treatment of these topics is supported by reference to real-life experiences, examples and cases.
The types of international agreements discussed include : export and sales contracts, licensing contracts, agency agreements, and joint venture agreements. These are looked at within a variety of contexts - international networks, subsidiary-parent negotiations, turnkey projects, and negotiations for foreign direct investments with companies and governments.
Underlying the whole text is the Editors belief that, conducted within a proper systematic framework, such negotiations are a means of building lasting business relationships as opposed to merely completing one-off transactions.
International Business Negotiations will be welcomed both by students and researchers in the field, and by the growing number of managers (and professionals such as lawyers and engineers) becoming involved in cross-border trade and investment transactions.

The Editors
Pervez Ghauri is Professor of Marketing at UMIST, Manchester, United Kingdom, and Editor of the International Business Review. Jean-Claude Usunier is Professor of Marketing the University of Lausanne (HEC), Switzerland. Both have previously edited and written numerous successful books in the fields of international business and marketing.

The Contributors
Michael Copeland, Viviane de Beaufort, Christophe Dupont, Tony Fang, John Graham, Geert Hofstede, Sudhir Kalé, Alain Lempereur, J B McCall, R. Bruce Money, Vernon Parker, Arvind Parkhe, Yoshihiro Sano, Camille Schuster, Stephen Weiss.

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