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Reading Seminar in Marketing

Invitation to join the Reading Seminar in Marketing during Semester 4.2

Dear Master Students,


I invite you to join the Reading Seminar in Marketing during Semester 4.2. It is aimed at every Master student having an interest in recent research in marketing. It is not particularly intended for those who want to do a master research thesis or a doctoral thesis. The seminar will be held in the Spring 2011 semester, on the basis of 7 sessions of 4 hours, that is, one session (8H30-12H00) each week (starting Tuesday February 22, finishing Tuesday April 5, 2011). Key benefits associated with participating in the seminar are discovering what is research in marketing, and de-stereotyping about the alleged gap between "theory" and "practice". There is no "Ivory Tower" where academics would sit far from business and from concrete application, and be disconnected from the "real world". All articles presented and discussed are derived from business contexts. They apply to managerial issues and have a lot of concrete implications for companies. It is an an opportunity for learning about sophisticated data collection and data analysis methods, which can be used in a managerial context as well. Openmindedness is very valued in companies. The seminar contributes to broadening your perspectives, increasing your flexibility in managing knowledge, and therefore opening your mind.

Additionally, there are practical benefits in terms of your choice of elective courses:

- The seminar sessions will take place during the first 7 weeks of the semester, a period when students generally have much less work than in the second half, leaving you a full second half of the spring semester to deal with all other courses and their assignements.

- The exam is a take-home exam. No need to attend a formal exam session. You individually prepare your own exam copy with all documents and you send it to me by e-mail and deliver a print. The exam topic focuses on the articles, the oral presentation and the discussion of the articles during the 7 sessions. The deadline for delivering your take-home exam is after the end of the formal exam-session.  

- There is no over- or under-work : the 90 hour-workload exactly corresponds to 3 ECTS credits (note that in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), 60 ECTS credits should be accumulated in one year for 1,800 hours total work, that is, a 30 hour workload on average by ECTS credit). The 90 hours are broken down in the following manner: reading papers before the seminar and preparing 2 questions per session => 42 hours + attending the seminar => 28 hours + preparing and taking the takehome exam => 20 hours.


Jean-Claude Usunier

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