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Marketing International

Université de Lausanne

Faculte des Hautes Etudes Commerciales - 2012-2013



International Marketing

Professor Jean-Claude Usunier and Phd Candidate Mine Diren

Assistant: : Maël Redard-Jacot (Mael.Redard-Jacot@unil.ch, room 530, tel 692.34.72)


Teaching Objectives: In this course, students should learn about choices of foreign market entry and internationalization processes as well as cross-national/cross-cultural marketing strategies for companies operating in a global environnement. The course aims to provide students with knowledge related to the influence of culture and language on different aspects of international marketing and to highlight key topics in international marketing management. Through the seminar, students will develop interpretive and comparison skills in a cross-cultural perspective. Such skills are necessary to prepare product, branding, pricing, and communication decisions.


Language: Cases as well as exercises are in English. Students may deliver written class assignments either in French or in English. The exam can be written either in French or in English.


Required textbook

Jean-Claude Usunier and Julie Lee, Marketing Across Cultures, 5th edn, 2009, Harlow, Pearson.


Teaching method


This course combines instructor’s presentations, case discussions, and exercises. All assignments should be prepared in groups (absolute maximum 5 students). Each group is asked to deliver a written solution to the case questions (6 pages maximum; please do not paraphrase the case) for the 2 assigned cases (Mobile Phones in the European Union and The Virtual Beehive). One or several groups may be asked to present their answers orally to part of a case or exercise (with PowerPoint slides). 


Students are asked to work on a project, which deals with the issue of “how companies use Internet and social media for their international marketing strategies”. Each student in a group will be asked to find and analyze 8 to 10 B2C company websites all dealing with the same product category. Students will be provided with the URLs and easily find B2C company websites. They have to fill a content analysis answer sheet given by the instructors. This answer sheet includes questions regarding different website aspects. Later, based on your answers, you have to fill an Excel sheet, which is again provided to you. At the end of the analysis, your team is asked to write a short 5-page report listing websites analyzed (40 to 50 for a group of 5), and summarizing the main observations and findings regarding companies’ use of Internet and social media for international marketing strategies. Please use Times New Roman, 12, with 1.5 paragragh space for your reports. Detailed information sheet on the project will be posted on course website and further explained during a course session.


Excel sheets and the electronic version of reports should be e-mailed to Mine.Diren@unil.ch by December 18, 2012. In addition, you should hand in a hard copy version of the report at the beginning of the class on December 18, 2012.  


Preparation of  two cases and the project partly take place in the seminar following the course, and four exercises are done during the seminar sessions.



Course Outline







Sept. 18

International trade and internationalization

processes: Multidomestic vs. Global markets

Reading 1


Sept. 25

Theories of internationalization and business strategies in the global environment

Reading 2

Exercise 1


Oct. 2

Assessing foreign environments and

appraising risks in local markets


Reading 3

(P. 136-145 and 168-170)


Oct. 9

Cultural differences and international marketing (1)


Chapter 1 and 2


Oct. 16

Cultural differences and international marketing (2)

Chapter 3



Oct. 23

International market research: The issue of cross-cultural equivalence

Chapter 6



Oct. 30

Convergence of consumer behavior and globalization of markets

Chapter 4 and 5

Exercise 2


Nov. 6

Intercultural marketing strategies: Global products and local consumers

Chapter 7 and 8


Nov. 13

Local, International, and global brands: Managing meaning, origin, and brand image

Chapter 9

Mobiles Phones  EU

Exercise 3


Nov. 20

International price policies

Chapter 10


Nov. 27

Contracting in Local Markets

Chapter 14 and Reading 3 (pages 156-167)

Exercise 4


Dec. 4

International distribution strategies, Intermediation choices, exporting, and channel management

Chapter 11

Virtual Beehive


Dec. 11

International Marketing Communications

Chapter 13


Dec. 18

Organizing and controlling international marketing operations

Report delivery



End of the course





Class assignments and report: 45%; ; based on grades for 2 written case assignments (10% each), 4 exercises (10% in total = 4 x 2.5%), and the project (15%).


Final exam: 55 %; the exam is based on all course materials. No document is allowed during the 2 hour exam. The exam topic is in English. You may write your exam in either French or English. A second exam session (retake session) is organized in August 2013 for those who fail at the January/February 2013 session. Grading for the retake exam session is based on exam only (100%).


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