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Welcome to my home page! For information on the courses I am teaching see: Leadership Development (MSc), Comportement Organisationnel (BSc), and Structural Equation Modelling (Ph.D).


My primary area of research is leadership--its antecedents and consequences--studied from an applied psychology and management perspective. Specific areas that interest me include leadership measurement and development, social cognition (information processing as applied to ratings of leaders), individual differences predictors of leadership and performance, and research methods. I like to primarily use quantitative experimental and cross-sectional methods and place a lot of emphasis on the use of theoretically-driven quantitative empirical research.


Why the focus on leadership? Leadership is one of the social sciences most studied phenomena. Unfortunately, too many popular works--not grounded in empirical scientific findings--have been written about leadership, having either created overly pessimistic or optimistic expectations about the utility of leadership. Furthermore, too much money is wasted on programs or models--propagated by unscrupulous consultants--that have not been scientifically tested or don't work. Nowadays, the term is so cliché-laden that many are rightly quite skeptical whether leadership really makes a difference to organizational effectiveness, whether leadership potential can be developed, or whether we can reliably assess personality traits associated with effective leadership. However, after more than a century of research, scholars have a good understanding of what constitutes good leadership, how to measure it, and most importantly, are beginning to focus on how to develop it. Furthermore, we are certain that leadership makes a difference--a big difference to organizational effectiveness and the satisfaction of those with whom leaders work.


See my latest podcast on “Endogeneity: An inconvenient truth (yes, it is I with a shaved head!)”

Download the transcript here, with links to the article and chapter that accompany it.


Take a look at our book The Nature of Leadership--here is podcast about the book. For a preview of the book’s contents see:

Chapter 1 and Chapter 8 (on Transformational and Charismatic leadership). Check out the book on Amazon


John Antonakis, Ph.D.

Professor of Organizational Behavior

Department of Organizational Behavior, University of Lausanne


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