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Conférence de Claudio da Rold, Gartner Research

Date:  6 mai 2010


De 12h15 à 14h00


Internef - Auditoire 272

Gartner's European Scenario for Outsourcing and Services: current status and the next five years

In the context of his course "Project Management and Outsourcing", prof. Pius Bienz has the pleasure to invite Claudio da Rold, Gartner Research.

Claudio Da Rold is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Research. His coverage includes two related areas: sourcing strategies within client organizations (how to achieve business objectives by leveraging on outsourcing and external services) and outsourcing and services market industrialization (how the service market evolves and how this impacts service providers and their business models).

In the first area, Claudio Da Rold is an expert on sourcing models like joint ventures, consortia and insourcing, has developed approaches for building a sourcing strategy encompassing IT and business process services, and has supported the decision making process for sourcing strategies in major organizations across Europe and internationally.

In the second area, Claudio Da Rold has co-developed the Gartner vision for the outsourcing and service market transformation in the past decade, anticipating most of the current major trends. In 2007 and 2008, he led the alternative delivery and acquisition models (ADAM) integrative research theme across Gartner worldwide. He is currently leading a research community on infrastructure as a service and infrastructure utility services.

From a European research perspective, he has a leading role in the European Magic Quadrants for data center outsourcing, help desk outsourcing and desktop outsourcing.

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