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100 last publications ordered by: publication type  -  year
N.B.: Publications appears only after the authors have joined HEC Lausanne.
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In Press

Baginski S. P., Demers E., Kausar A. ; Yu Y. J. (in press). Linguistic tone and the small trader. Accounting, Organizations and Society. Peer Reviewed
Barakat A., Berdoz D., Bloch-Riemer R., Bornick T, Bürgisser J, Danon R et al. (in press). La jurisprudence fiscale du Tribunal fédéral en 2015-2016. Revue de droit administratif et fiscal (RDAF).
Bruhin A., Fehr E. ; Schunk D. (in press). The Many Faces of Human Sociality - Uncovering the Distribution and Stability of Social Preferences. Journal of the European Economic Association. Peer Reviewed
Bruhin A., Santos-Pinto L. ; Staubli D. (in press). How do beliefs about skill affect risky decisions?. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Peer Reviewed
Chand Vikram (in press). Taxing Digitalized Business Models. Swiss Amcham Yearbook 2018/19. Swiss American Chamber of Commerce.
Chand Vikram (in press). The Principal Purpose Test: International and Indian perspective. International Tax Issues in India . Taxmann.
Chand Vikram (In Press). Introduction to Transfer Pricing: A case study approach . To be confirmed .
Chand Vikram (In Press). Introduction to Tax Treaties: A case study approach . To be confirmed.
Chen J., Demers E. ; Lev B. (in press). Oh What a Beautiful Morning! Diurnal Influences on Executives and Analysts: Evidence from Conference Calls. Management Science. Peer Reviewed
Danon Robert (in press). Application of tax treaties to partnerships and trusts. IBFD Global Tax Treaties. IBFD.
Danon Robert (in press). The impact of the Anti Tax Directive on Swiss-EU relations: A focus on CFC rules. Dennis Weber/Pasquale Pistone. IBFD.
Davila A., Derchi G. ; Oyon D. (in press). Corporate governance: challenges for international sports federations. AISTS Collected Insights on Governance and Ethics. AISTS.
Dogan B., Dogan S. ; Yildiz K. (in press). A new ex-ante efficiency criterion and implications for the probabilistic serial mechanism. Journal of Economic Theory. Peer Reviewed
Doukakis L., Ghicas D., Siougle G. ; Sougiannis T. (in press). The Informativeness of Micro and Macro Information During Economic Crisis and Non-crisis Periods. working paper. Peer Reviewed
Dousse V. , Oyon D. (in press). Mise en oeuvre des Swiss GAAP RPC : Processus de mise en oeuvre. Expert Focus.
Eisdorfer A., Goyal A. ; Zhdanov A. (in press). Equity Misvaluation and Default Options. Journal of Finance. Peer Reviewed
Peer Reviewed
Gallay O. , Zufferey N. (in press). Metaheuristics for lexicographic optimization in industry. 19th eu/me workshop on metaheuristics for industry.
Goyal A. , Jegadeesh N. (in press). Cross-Sectional and Time-Series Tests of Return Predictability: What Is the Difference?. The Review of Financial Studies. Peer Reviewed
Hellwig K., Sahakian M. ; Morhart F.M. (in press). Societal Factors and the Emergence of the Sharing Economy. The Sharing Economy: Possibilities, Challenges, and the Way Forward. Praeger Publishing, Sanat Barbara, US.
Holzer A., Tintarev N., Bendahan S., Kocher B., Greenup S. ; Gillet D. (in press). Digitally Scaffolding Debate in the Classroom. CHI’18 Extended Abstracts, April 21-26, 2018, Montreal, QC, Canada. Peer Reviewed
Jardet C., Monfort A. ; Pegoraro F. (in press). No-Arbitrage Near-Cointegrated VAR(p) Term Structure Models, Term Premia and GDP Growth. Journal of Banking and Finance. Peer Reviewed
Jiang L., André P. ; Richard C. (in press). An international study of internal audit function quality. Accounting and Business Research. Peer Reviewed
Karaduman C. & Lajos J. (in press). How to Make Deals More Attractive: Do Not Let Your Customers Become Depleted. European Marketing Academy Annual Conference, May 24-27, 2016, Oslo, Norway. Peer Reviewed
Krekels Goedele (in press). Greed. Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences (pp. 1-4). Springer Nature.
Lind J. T. , Rohner D. (in press). Knowledge is Power: A Theory of Information, Income and Welfare Spending. Economica. Peer Reviewed
Marfè R. (in press). Multivariate Lévy Processes with Dependent Jump Intensity. Quantitative Finance. Peer Reviewed
Markides C., Oyon D. ; Schnegg M. (in press). Using management control systems to support agility. AgilityX: How organizations thrive in unpredictable times. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
Mikes A. (in press). From Risk Appetite to Values at Risk: Exploring the Ethical Turn in Risk Management. GLOBAL Management Accounting Research Symposium.
Mikes A., Oyon D. ; Jeitziner J. (in press). Risk management: Towards a behavioral perspective. The Routledge Companion to Behavioral Accounting Research. Routledge, Oxford, UK.
Monfort A. , Pegoraro F., Renne J.-P. ; Roussellet G. (in press). Staying at Zero with Affine Processes: an Application to Term Structure Modeling. Journal of Econometrics.
Montez J. V., Ruiz-Aliseda F. ; Ryall M. D. (in press). Competitive intensity and its two-sided effect on the boundaries of firm performance. Management Science. Peer Reviewed
Morellec E., Nikolov B. ; Schürhoff N. (in press). Agency Conflicts around the World. The Review of Financial Studies. Peer Reviewed
Morhart F.M. , Malär L. (in press). Markenauthentizität – Konzeption, Messung und Steuerung [Brand Authenticity – Conceptualization, Measurement, and Controlling]. Handbuch Markenführung. Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden.
Nilles D. (In Press). Prévisions pour l'économie suisse - Analyses et prévisions Institut Créa (publication bisannuelle: printemps et automne). Institut Créa de macroéconomie appliquée.
Poretti C., Schatt A. ; Bruynseels L. (in press). Audit committees' independence and the information content of earnings announcements in Western Europe. Journal of Accounting Literature. Peer Reviewed
Roger P., Roger T. ; Schatt A. (in press). Behavioral bias in number processing: Evidence from analysts' expectations. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Peer Reviewed
Santos-Pinto L. , Dell'Era M. (in press). Entrepreneurial Optimism and the Market for New Issues. International Economic Review. Peer Reviewed
Schatt A., Bessieux-Ollier C. ; Poretti C. (in press). La gestion des résultats par les nouveaux dirigeants : quels enjeux pour les conseils d’administration ?. Revue Française de Gouvernance d'Entreprise. Peer Reviewed
Sharma K., Chavez-Demoulin V. ; Dillenbourg P. (in press). Non-stationary modeling of tail dependence of two subjects' concentration. Annals of Applied Statistics.
Tsai F.-J. , Junod V. (in press). Medical research using governments' health claims databases: with or without patients' consent?. Journal of Public Health. Peer Reviewed


Drobnik P., Chand Vikram (Dir.) (2018). The Attribution of Profits to a Dependent Agent PE – If the Dependent Agent Is a Commissionaire (Wholly Owned Subsidiary) of the Principal. Université de Lausanne, Faculté de droit, des sciences criminelles et d'administration publique.
Dutriez J.-F., Chand Vikram (Dir.) (2018). Attribution of Profits to a Permanent Establishment of a Company Engaged in Online Sales of Goods through a Local Warehouse. Université de Lausanne, Faculté de droit, des sciences criminelles et d'administration publique.
Abaunza F., Hameri A.-P. ; Niemi T. (2018). EEUI: a new measure to monitor and manage energy efficiency in data centers. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 67, 111-127. Peer Reviewed
Bacchetta P., Perazzi E. ; van Wincoop E. (2018). Self-fulfilling debt crises: What can monetary policy do?. Journal of International Economics, 110, 119-134. Peer Reviewed
Brown M., Grossmann V., Lalive R. ; Tille C. (2018). Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics. Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 154. Peer Reviewed
Brülhart M., Dupertuis D. ; Moreau E. (2018). Inheritance flows in Switzerland, 1911–2011. Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 154, 1-13. Peer Reviewed
Cadot O., Ferrantino M. J., Gourdon J. ; Reyes J.-D. (2018). Reforming Non-Tariff Measures: From Evidence to Policy Advice. World Bank Group.
Chand V. (2018). The interaction of domestic anti-avoidance rules with tax treaties . Schulthess , Zürich. Peer Reviewed
Chand Vikram (2018). The Principal Purpose Test: An In Depth Analysis. Intertax , 46, 18-44. Peer Reviewed
Chand Vikram , Haller Alex (2018). Physical Cash Pooling in a Negative Interest Rate Environment - Kluwer International Tax Blog .
Chand Vikram (2018). The Interaction of the Principal Purpose Test (and guiding principle) with anti-avoidance rules. Intertax , 46, 115-123. Peer Reviewed
Chand Vikram (2018). The Digitalization of the Economy: Taxing Digitalized Business . Global Taxation, India (Special Issue for the Annual International Tax Conference in India), 120-124.
Chand Vikram , Das Pitambar (2018). From a FAR to a FARM Analysis with respect to Profit Attribution to the Indian Significant Economic Presence (SEP) Test - Kluwer International Tax Blog .
Chand Vikram , Reif Selina (2018). The Fundamental Approach for Allocation of Risks and Returns for Financing Entities - Kluwer International Tax Blog.
Eisdorfer A., Goyal A. ; Zhdanov A. (2018). Distress Anomaly and Shareholder Risk: International Evidence : Distress Anomaly and Shareholder Risk. Financial Management. Peer Reviewed
Felfe C. , Lalive R. (2018). Does early child care affect children's development?. Journal of Public Economics, 159, 33-53. Peer Reviewed
Junod V., Wolff H., Scholten W., Novet B. ; Greifinger R. (2018). Methadone versus torture: The perspective of the European Court of Human Rights. Heroin Addiction and related Clinical Problems, 20, 31-36. Peer Reviewed
Kämpfen F. , Maurer J. (2018). Does education help “old dogs” learn “new tricks”? The lasting impact of early-life education on technology use among older adults. Research Policy, 47, 1125-1132. Peer Reviewed
Kämpfen F., Wijemunige N. ; Evangelista B. Jr. (2018). Aging, non-communicable diseases, and old-age disability in low- and middle-income countries: a challenge for global health. International Journal of Public Health - YRE. Peer Reviewed
Kosmala Adam , Chand Vikram (2018). Transfer Pricing Aspects of Performance Guarantees.
Liu R.L., Sprott D.E., Spangenberg E.R. ; Czellar S. (2018). Engaging with Brands: The Influence of Dispositional and Situational Brand Engagement on Customer Advocacy. Customer Engagement Marketing (pp. 269-292). Springer International Publishing.
Liu R.L., Sprott D.E., Spangenberg E.R., Czellar S. ; Voss K.E. (2018). Consumer preference for national vs. private brands: The influence of brand engagement and self-concept threat. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 41, 90-100. Peer Reviewed
Mohan B., Schlager T., Deshpandé R. ; Norton M.I. (2018). Consumers Avoid Buying From Firms With Higher CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratios. Journal of Consumer Psychology. Peer Reviewed
Niinimäki M., Abaunza F., Niemi T., Thanisch P. ; Kommeri J. (2018). Energy-Efficient Query Processing in a Combined Database and Web Service Environment. Green Computing Strategies for Competitive Advantage and Business Sustainability (pp. 62-88). IGI Global.
Richa A. (2018). Gouvernance et dirigeants bancaires : pratique et jurisprudence récentes. Développements récents en droit commercial VI. CEDIDAC.
Simon O., Stamm R., Hämmig R., Scholten W., Aeberhard R., Dickson C. ; Junod V. (2018). Moderniser les conditions-cadres des traitements médicamenteuxdu syndrome de dépendance aux opioïdes [Modernising the framework conditions for medicine treatments in opioid dependence syndrome]. Revue medicale suisse, 14, 1169-1175. Peer Reviewed
Spinosa Lisa , Chand Vikram (2018). Should the PE definition be amended to tax digital business models or should the focus be on a shared taxing rights mechanism?. Intertax , 476-494. Peer Reviewed
Zufferey N. , Gallay O. (2018, Jan). Collaborative Variable Neighborhood Search. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (pp. 320-332). Springer International Publishing. Peer Reviewed


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