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The Swiss Finance Institute's PhD program

As of January 1, 2006, the International Center FAME has been merged into the Swiss Finance Institute. The FAME doctoral program in finance was extended to all of Switzerland and organized as a centrally coordinated program operating on 3 campuses, Léman, Lugano and Zurich.

In its endeavor to further develop and promote research in Switzerland, the Swiss Finance Institute hosts a nationally-coordinated PhD Program in Finance. This program is based on a defined three to four-year curriculum including courses, seminars and intensive tutoring. This program aims at being recognized as the leading PhD program in Europe in its field with an intellectual environment and a course offering comparable to the best programs in the world.

HEC School is a partner University

The PhD program in Finance at the University of Lausanne has a proven track record in placing students at the most prestigious international institutions. Recent placements include assistant professorships at UCLA Anderson School of Management, London School of Economics, Boston University, The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, and Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester, among others.

Recent PhD students placements:


Lukas Schmid - Duke University

Jijun Niu - Simon Fraser University

Amine Jalal - Qatar Investment Authority


Augusto Perilla - UBS

Boris Nikolov - University of Rochester


Zhihua Chen - Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Maria Cecilia Bustamante - London School of Economics

Laszlo Nimrod Vulkán - UBS

Emilio Osambela – Carnegie Mellon University

Giovanni Walter Puopolo - Bocconi University


Alexandre Jeanneret - HEC Montréal


Natalia Guseva - UBS


Daniel Andrei – UCLA

Matthias Kurmann - Capital Dynamics


Cornelius Schmidt - Norwegian School of Economics

Roberto Marfé - Collegio Carlo Alberto


Qunzi Zhang - University of Shandong


Stefanie Schraeder - University of New South Wales


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