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Conference: From Heart … to Hard Facts

Date:  22 septembre 2015


De 17h30 à 20h00


Internef 275

The Association of Alumni HEC is proud to announce:

« How to connect emotional needs of employees to rational business needs »

A special event with Tim Leberecht, author of  « The Business Romantic », and Jochen Peter Breuer, leading expert in managing collective emotions.

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This conference will be held at UNIL – Internef (Google Maps)

17:30    Networking / reception

18:00    Welcome and opening remarks: Graziella Schaller, Secrétaire générale Alumni HEC

18:10    Introduction: Maia Wentland, Honorary Professor HEC Université de Lausanne and he2be Partner

18:20    Tim Leberecht: “Romance as the ultimate differentiator »

In his internationally acclaimed new book, The Business Romantic: Give Everything, Quantify Nothing, and Create Something Greater Than Yourself, CMO, writer, and two-time TED speaker Tim Leberecht argues that we are moving from a smart age to a new romantic era in which only organizations comfortable with ambiguity and emotion will thrive. Business is divorced from the full expression of our humanity, he bemoans, and for many of us something is missing, something both essential and immeasurable that lets us see the world with fresh eyes every day: romance.

In response to the “quantification of everything,” a world in which everything is seamlessly connected, convenient, and predictable, we must find meaning through mystery, friction, and the beauty of the unexpected. When everyone maximizes and optimizes, romance becomes the ultimate differentiator, the ultimate humanizer.

In his talk, Tim Leberecht presents three “rules of enchantment” to humanize business:

  1. Find the big in the small
  2. Keep the mystique
  3. Suffer (a little …)

19:00    Jochen Peter Breuer: “From desire to actions”

Tim Leberecht is a living proof that emotions and even romantic viewpoints are no longer taboo. We are currently experiencing a mindset shift from “business is business” to “business is human”. But practice shows that “heart facts” are very difficult to integrate in the business reality. “So what?” claims the manager being under extreme pressure to reach his business goals. Jochen Peter Breuer reveals a radical pragmatic way to turn emotion into an asset:

  • From desire to action: How to connect individual emotional needs to rational business needs
  • From protective intelligence to collective intelligence: How to create a safe room where “emotional viruses” can be expressed and considered
  • It’s all about perceptions: Perceptions are undeniable emotional truths. They contain the essence of all issues and Implementing Management by Perceptions enables addressing sensitive topics, leading to a meaningful mindset change and boosting performances.

19:40    Q&A

20:00    Drinks, appetizers & networking

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