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The Department of Actuarial Science (DSA) was created in 1981 to foster research in actuarial science and to continue HEC’s long tradition in actuarial education dating back to 1919.

Research of the DSA’s members covers a wide spectrum and is published in high quality international scientific journals. Faculty carries out research in Risk Theory, Credibility Theory, pricing of insurance and reinsurance contracts, mortality and longevity modeling, solvency, loss reserving, asset-liability management of insurance companies and pension funds, and mathematical finance. Actuarial science being multidisciplinary, the DSA’s researchers are also doing research in probability and stochastic processes, extreme value theory, and Monte Carlo simulation methods, that are tools essential for the development of actuarial and financial theories and their implementations.


100 last publications ordered by: publication type  -  year
N.B.: Publications appears only after the authors have joined HEC Lausanne.
For the complete publications list of authors, please, see their personal websites.

In Press

Albrecher H, Beirlant J ; Teugels J (In Press). Reinsurance: Actuarial and Statistical Aspects. Wiley, Chichester. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher H , Ivanovs J (in press). Linking dividends and capital injections - a probabilistic approach. Scandinavian Actuarial Journal. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher H., Azcue P. ; Muler N. (in press). Optimal Dividend Strategies for Two Collaborating Insurance Companies. Advances in Applied Probability. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher H. , Daily-Amir D. (in press). On Effects of Asymmetric Information on Non-Life Insurance Prices under Competition. International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies. Peer Reviewed
Albrecher H. , Ivanovs J. (in press). On the joint distribution of tax payments and capital injections for a L\'{e}vy risk model. Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Peer Reviewed
Arnold S., Boumezoued A., Labit-Hardy H. ; El Karoui N. (in press). Cause-of-Death Mortality: What Can Be Learned From Population Dynamics?. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics. Peer Reviewed
Asmussen S, Hashorva E, Laub P ; Taimre T (in press). Tail asymptotics of light -tailed Weibull-like sums . Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Peer Reviewed
Avraam D., Arnold S., Vasieva O., de Magalhaes J. P. ; Vasiev B. (in press). On the heterogeneity of human population as reflected by the mortality dynamics. Aging. Peer Reviewed
Bai L, Debicki K, Hashorva E ; Luo L (in press). On Generalised Piterbarg Constants. Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability. Peer Reviewed
Debicki K , Hashorva E (in press). On extremal index of max-stable processes. Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Peer Reviewed
Debicki K., Hashorva E ; Liu P (in press). Uniform tail approximation of homogenous functionals of Gaussian fields. Advances Applied Probability. Peer Reviewed
Hashorva E, Ratovomirija G, Tamraz M ; Bai Y (in press). Some Mathematical Aspects of Price Optimisation. Scandinavian Actuarial Journal. Peer Reviewed
Ivanovs J. (in press). Potential measures of one-sided Markov additive processes with reflecting and terminating barriers. Journal of Applied Probability. Peer Reviewed
Ling C , Peng Z (in press). Extremes of order statistics of self-similar processes. Science China Mathematics. Peer Reviewed
Maichel-Guggemoos L. , Wagner J. (in press). Profitability and Growth in Motor Insurance Business – Empirical Evidence from Germany. Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice. Peer Reviewed
Mau S., Pletikosa Cvijikj I. ; Wagner J. (in press). Forecasting the next likely purchase events of insurance customers: A case study on the value of data-rich multichannel environments. International Journal of Bank Marketing. Peer Reviewed
Müller K., Schmeiser H. ; Wagner J. (in press). Insurance Claims Fraud: Optimal Auditing Strategies in Insurance Companies. Variance. Peer Reviewed
Müller P. , Wagner J. (in press). The Impact of Pension Funding Mechanisms on the Stability and the Payoff from DC Pension Schemes in Switzerland. Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice. Peer Reviewed
S. Engelke , J. Ivanovs (in press). A Lévy-derived process seen from its supremum and max-stable processes. Electronic Journal of Probability. Peer Reviewed
Staudt Y. , Wagner J. (in press). What Customer, Policy and Distribution Characteristics Drive the Development of Insurance Customer Relationships? – A Case Study Analysis. International Journal of Bank Marketing. Peer Reviewed


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