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Seminaires de recherche Marketing

What If Diamonds Did Not Last Forever? Why Ephemeral Luxury Products Are Better Signals of Achievement Than Iconic Products

Perrine Desmichel (HEC Lausanne)

28 avril 2017  -  12:15-14:00, salle Anthropole 3068

Luxury brands, in their product collections, mix iconic pieces, which have historically made them famous and are maintained year after year, with ephemeral items, which bring novelty and are only available during a short period of time. In this paper we disentangle the symbolic meanings of ephemeral and iconic products. We examine how individuals perceive the consumer of ephemeral versus iconic luxury products and find that ephemeral luxury products signal higher achieved status than iconic luxury products. We examine the roles of perceived innovativeness and human capital in driving this effect. Our findings contribute to the literature on status signaling, achieved versus ascribed status, need for structure, and should help luxury marketers better promote and position their different product lines.

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