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DEEP Micro Workshop

The DEEP organizes a workshop covering a wide array of Micro topics, including game theory, industrial organization, trade, health and labor economics, experimental, micro-econometrics, …

Presentations are 1h15, including questions from the audience. The workshop is open to external and internal speakers. 

Send an email to lingqing.jiang@unil.ch for further information.

Incentives through Inventory Control

Nicolas Schmitt (Simon Fraser University)

28 mars 2017  -  12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109

Host(s): Frederic Robert-Nicoud

Taking inventory control out of the hands of retailers and assigning it to an upstream firm is shown to increase the value of a supply chain when demand volatility is high. This is the case even if the upstream firm is an independent and costly intermediary. This is linked to two incentive problems, one associated with the upstream/downstream market structurewhile the other does not. Assigning inventory control to an upstream firm is also shown to reduce total inventory, to make shipments from the manufacturer less frequent and more variable in size, as well as to reduce social welfare.

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13 juin 2017 Lingqing Jiang (UNIL)
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