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DEEP Séminaires en Microéconomie

The DEEP organizes a workshop covering a wide array of Micro topics, including game theory, industrial organization, trade, health and labor economics, experimental, micro-econometrics, …

Presentations are 1h15, including questions from the audience. The workshop is open to external and internal speakers. 

Send an email to lingqing.jiang@unil.ch for further information.

Violent crime, news and anti-immigration voting

Sophie Hatte (UNIL)

14 mars 2017  -  12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109

This paper studies the impact of news coverage of immigrants' criminality on anti-immigration vote. We exploit the ``Minaret Ban'' referendum of November 2009 in Switzerland, which originated from two populist parties. Campaign played aggressively on the fears of Muslim immigration and linked Islam with terrorism and violence. Our main goal is to quantitatively assess the extent of the media bias in reporting immigrants’ propensity to commit crime and how it contributed to the success of this populist campaign. We make use of an exhaustive dataset of violent crime detection that we combine with detailed information on the crimes' news coverage in the newspapers. We document that perpetrators' nationality is a key driver of a crime's coverage. Moreover, we find that crimes that are perpetrated in areas with newspapers' headquarters are more covered than others. Using exogenous occurrence of crimes in these areas and cross-municipality variations in the readership of newspapers that cover different samples of crimes by chance, we find a positive and large effect of the news on the vote in favor of the ban.

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