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DEEP Micro Workshop

The DEEP micro workshop is a platform to present ideas and first results on research topics in Microeconomics. They take place roughly every other week in exchange with the DEEP Macro workshop. Anyone pursuing research in Microeconomics is strongly expected to actively participate in the workshop series.
The workshop starts at 12h15. Presentations should take about 45 minutes leaving enough time for discussion.

Liste des prochaines séances

28 avril 2015 Endogenous Time Preferences and Investment in Conservation
Salvatore Di Falco (UNIGE)
Host(s): Dominic Rohner
12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109

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12 mai 2015 International Mobility Grants and Scientific Productivity: A Policy Evaluation”
Fabiana Visentin (EPFL)
12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109
26 mai 2015 The Protestant Fiscal Ethic: Religious Confession and Euro Skepticism in Germany
Matthias Krapf (UNIL)
12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109

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23 juin 2015 Initiation to Substance Use and First Episode of Homelessness
Julie Moschion (The University of Melbourne)
Host(s): Rafael Lalive
12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109

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