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DEEP Macro Workshop

The DEEP organizes a macro workshop for PhD students. PhD students in macro should attend this workshop. Anybody else is welcome.

This workshop will have two main functions:
i) students can present their ongoing thesis work;
ii) students present some recent paper that could be of interest for their thesis (and could be of interest to the audience).

Presentations should be between 30 and 45 min. to leave ample time for questions and discussions.

Occasionally, there will also be presentations by visitors or local faculty.

Liste des prochaines séances

31 mars 2015 Are Capital Flows Driven by Expectations on Future Productivity?
Rachel Cordonier (UNIL)
12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109
21 avril 2015 Human Capital and Employment Risks Hedging
Pascal St-Amour (UNIL)
12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109
5 mai 2015 Hans Holter (University of Oslo)
Host(s): Serhiy Stepanchuk
12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109
19 mai 2015 Jayson Danton (UNIL)
12:15-13:30, salle Extranef 109
20 mai 2015 Wei Cui (University College London)
Host(s): Luisa Lambertini
12:15-13:30, salle 109
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