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DEEP Séminaires avancés en économie

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Torsten Persson (Institute for International Economic Studies - IIES - Stockholm)

6 avril 2017  -  11:00-12:30, salle Extranef 109

Host(s): Dominic Rohner

Can a democracy attract competent leaders, while attaining broad representation? Economic models suggest that free-riding incentives and lower opportunity costs give the less competent a comparative advantage at entering political life. Moreover, if elites have more human capital, selecting on competence may lead to uneven representation. This paper examines patterns of political selection among the universe of municipal politicians and national legislators in Sweden, using extraordinarily rich data on competence traits and social background for the entire population. We document four new facts that together characterize an \inclusive meritocracy." First, politicians are on average signi cantly smarter and better leaders than the population they represent. Second, this positive selection is present even when conditioning on family (and hence social) background, suggesting that individual
competence is key for selection. Third, the representation of social background, whether measured by parental earnings or occupational social class, is remarkably even. Fourth, there is at best a weak tradeo in selection between competence and social representation, mainly due to strong positive selection of politicians of low (parental) socioeconomic status. A broad implication of these facts is that it is possible for democracy to generate competent and socially-representative leadership.

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16 mai 2018 Rakesh Vohra (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
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31 mai 2018 Monika Piazzesi (Stanford University)
Host(s): Jean-Paul Renne
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7 juin 2018 Eleonora Patacchini (Cornell University)
Host(s): Rafael Lalive
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