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100 last publications ordered by: publication type  -  year
N.B.: Publications appears only after the authors have joined HEC Lausanne.
For the complete publications list of authors, please, see their personal websites.

In Press

Bacchetta P., Perazzi E. ; van Wincoop E. (in press). Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises: What Can Monetary Policy Do?. Journal of International Economics. Peer Reviewed
Bruhin A., Fehr E. ; Schunk D. (in press). The Many Faces of Human Sociality - Uncovering the Distribution and Stability of Social Preferences. Journal of the European Economic Association. Peer Reviewed
Bruhin A., Santos-Pinto L. ; Staubli D. (in press). How Do Beliefs about Skill Affect Risky Decisions?. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Peer Reviewed
Brülhart Marius, Dupertuis Didier ; Moreau Elodie (in press). Inheritance Flows in Switzerland, 1911-2011. Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics. Peer Reviewed
Couttenier M. , Soubeyran R. (in press). A Survey of the Causes of Civil Conflicts: Natural Factors and Economic Conditions. Revue d'Economie Politique. Peer Reviewed
Dogan B., Dogan S. ; Yildiz K. (in press). A new ex-ante efficiency criterion and implications for the probabilistic serial mechanism. Journal of Economic Theory. Peer Reviewed
Lind J. T. , Rohner D. (in press). Knowledge is Power: A Theory of Information, Income and Welfare Spending. Economica. Peer Reviewed
Monfort A. , Pegoraro F., Renne J.-P. ; Roussellet G. (in press). Staying at Zero with Affine Processes: an Application to Term Structure Modeling. Journal of Econometrics.
Montez J. V., Ruiz-Aliseda F. ; Ryall M. D. (in press). Competitive intensity and its two-sided effect on the boundaries of firm performance. Management Science. Peer Reviewed
Nilles D. (In Press). Prévisions pour l'économie suisse - Analyses et prévisions Institut Créa (publication bisannuelle: printemps et automne). Institut Créa de macroéconomie appliquée.
Santos-Pinto L. , Dell'Era M. (in press). Entrepreneurial Optimism and the Market for New Issues. International Economic Review. Peer Reviewed


Bas M., Mayer T. ; Thoenig M. (2017). From micro to macro: Demand, supply, and heterogeneity in the trade elasticity. Journal of International Economics, 108, 1-19. Peer Reviewed
Berman N., Couttenier M., Rohner D. ; Thoenig M. (2017). This mine is mine! How minerals fuel conflicts in Africa. American Economic Review, 107, 1564-1610. Peer Reviewed
Brülhart M., Carrère C. ; Robert-Nicoud F. (2017). Trade and towns: Heterogeneous adjustment to a border shock. Journal of Urban Economics, NA. Peer Reviewed
Brülhart M. , Simpson H. (2017). Agglomeration economies, taxable rents and government capture: evidence from a place-based policy. Journal of Economic Geography, 1-35. Peer Reviewed
Cervellati M., Esposito E. ; Sunde U. (2017). Long Term Exposure to Malaria and Development: Disaggregate Evidence for Contemporaneous Africa. Journal of Demographic Economics, 83, 129-148. Peer Reviewed
Cho W. J. , Dogan B. (2017). Stability and the immediate acceptance rule when school priorities are weak. International Journal of Game Theory, 46, 991-1014. Peer Reviewed
Dogan B. (2017). How to control controlled school choice: comment. American Economic Review, 107, 1362-1364. Peer Reviewed
Doğan B. (2017). Eliciting the socially optimal allocation from responsible agents. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 73, 103-110. Peer Reviewed
Gouriéroux C., Monfort A. ; Renne J.-P. (2017). Statistical inference for independent component analysis: Application to structural VAR models. Journal of Econometrics, 196, 111-126. Peer Reviewed
Huang Z. , Maurer J. (2017). Validity of Self-Rated Memory Among Middle-Aged and Older Chinese Adults: Results From the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS). Assessment, 1-12. Peer Reviewed
Hugonnier J., Pelgrin F. ; St-Amour P. (2017). Valuing Life at Gunpoint. HEC Lausanne.
Hugonnier J., Pelgrin F. ; St-Amour P. (2017). Self-Inflicted Unemployment Scarring and Stigma. HEC Lausanne.
Karakaya M. , Klaus B. (2017). Hedonic coalition formation games with variable populations: core characterizations and (im)possibilities. International Journal of Game Theory, 46, 435-455. Peer Reviewed
Klaus B. (2017). Consistency and its Converse for Roommate Markets. Games and Economic Behavior, 104, 43–58. Peer Reviewed
Koenig M., Rohner D., Thoenig M. ; Zilibotti F. (2017). Networks in Conflict: Theory and Evidence from the Great War of Africa. Econometrica, 85, 1093–1132. Peer Reviewed
Kuhn Ursina, Lalive Rafael, Lipps Oliver ; Winkelmann Rainer (2017). Sind Workaholics unzufriedener?. Die Volkswirtschaft, 4, 43-45.
Kuhn Ursina, Lalive Rafael, Lipps Oliver ; Winkelmann Rainer (2017). Malheureux, les bourreaux de travail ?. Die Volkswirtschaft, 4, 43-45.
L'Huillier J.-P. , Yoo D. (2017). Bad news in the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and other U.S. recessions: A comparative study. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 81, 79-98. Peer Reviewed
Lalive R. , Lehmann T. (2017). The labor market in Switzerland, 2000–2016. IZA World of Labor, NA. Peer Reviewed
Pedroni A., Frey R., Bruhin A., Dutilh G., Hertwig R. ; Rieskamp J. (2017). The risk elicitation puzzle. Nature Human Behaviour, 1, 803-809. Peer Reviewed
Renne J.-P. (2017). A model of the euro-area yield curve with discrete policy rates. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics, 21, 99-116. Peer Reviewed


(2016). Sunbird surprise: A test of the predictive power of the syndrome concept. FLORA, 232, 22-29. Peer Reviewed
Bacchetta P. , van Wincoop E. (2016). The Great Recession : A Self-Fulfilling Global Panic. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 8, 177-198. Peer Reviewed
Chi Y.L., Krishnakumar J., Maurer J., Loncar D. ; Flahault A. (2016). Who should finance WHO's work on emergencies?. Lancet, 387, 2584-2585. Peer Reviewed
Cho W. J. , Dogan B. (2016). Equivalence of efficiency notions for ordinal assignment problems. Economics Letters, 146, 8-12. Peer Reviewed
Dogan B. (2016). Responsive affirmative action in school choice. Journal of Economic Theory, 165, 69-105. Peer Reviewed
Dogan B. (2016). Nash-implementation of the no-envy solution on symmetric domains of economies. Games and Economic Behavior, 98, 165-171. Peer Reviewed
Dogan B. , Yildiz K. (2016). Efficiency and stability of probabilistic assignments in marriage problems. Games and Economic Behavior, 95, 47-58. Peer Reviewed
Dubecq S., Monfort A., Renne J.-P. ; Roussellet G. (2016). Credit and liquidity in interbank rates: A quadratic approach. Journal of Banking and Finance, 68, 29-46. Peer Reviewed
Ehlers L. , Klaus B. (2016). Object Allocation via Deferred-Acceptance: Strategy-Proofness and Comparative Statics. Games and Economic Behavior, 97, 128-146. Peer Reviewed
Esteban J., Morelli M. ; Rohner D. (2016). Incentives and Constraints for Mass Killings: A Game-Theoretic Approach. Economic Aspects of Genocides, Other Mass Atrocities, and Their Preventions (pp. 172-189). Oxford University Press.
Flores Gabriela , O'Donnell Owen (2016). Catastrophic medical expenditure risk. Journal of Health Economics, 46, 1-15. Peer Reviewed
Hugonnier J., Pelgrin F. ; St-Amour P. (2016). Closing Down the Shop: Optimal Health and Wealth Dynamics Near the End of Life. HEC Lausanne.
Klaus B. , Klijn F. (2016). Equilibria of Deferred Acceptance with Complete Lists. Economics Letters, 144, 98-101. Peer Reviewed
Klaus B., Manlove D. ; Rossi F. (2016). Matching under Preferences. Handbook of Computational Social Choice (pp. 333-355). Cambridge University Press, New York, NY, USA.
Klaus B. , Newton J. (2016). Stochastic Stability in Assignment Problems. Journal of Mathematical Economics, 62, 62-74. Peer Reviewed
Maurer J. (2016). Inspecting the Mechanism: A Longitudinal Analysis of Socioeconomic Status Differences in Perceived Influenza Risks, Vaccination Intentions, and Vaccination Behaviors during the 2009-2010 Influenza Pandemic. Medical decision making, 36, 887-899. Peer Reviewed
Maurer J. , Harris K.M. (2016). Learning to Trust Flu Shots: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic. Health economics, 25, 1148-1162. Peer Reviewed
Mesquida Y. , St-Amour P. (2016). Joint Lifetime Financial, Work, and Health Decisions: Thrifty and Healthy Enough for the Long Run?. HEC Lausanne.
Pelgrin F. , St-Amour P. (2016). Life Cycle responses to Health Insurance Status. Journal of Health Economics, 49, 76-96. Peer Reviewed
Pletscher Mark, Walker Simon, Moschetti Karine, Pinget Christophe, Wasserfallen Jean-Blaise, Greenwood John P. et al. (2016). Cost-effectiveness of functional cardiac imaging in the diagnostic work-up of coronary heart disease. European Heart Journal - Quality of Care and Clinical Outcomes, 2, 201-207. Peer Reviewed
Renne J.-P. (2016). A tractable interest rate model with explicit monetary policy rates. European Journal of Operational Research, 251, 873-887. Peer Reviewed
Roux C., Santos-Pinto L. ; Thöni C. (2016). Home bias in multimarket Cournot games. European Economic Review, 89, 361-371. Peer Reviewed
Stephanos Vlachos (2016). The legacy of war exposure on political radicalization. Université de Lausanne - HEC - DEEP.
Tiefenbeck V., Goette L., Degen K., Tasic V., Fleisch E., Lalive R. ; Staake T. (2016). Overcoming Salience Bias: How Real-Time Feedback Fosters Resource Conservation. Management Science, 1-42. Peer Reviewed
Yepes M., Maurer J., Viswanathan B., Gedeon J. ; Bovet P. (2016). Potential reach of mHealth versus traditional mass media for prevention of chronic diseases : evidence from a nationally representative survey in a middle-income country in Africa. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 18, e114. Peer Reviewed


(2015). Reciprocal preening and food sharing in colour‐polymorphic nestling barn owls. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 29, 380–394. Peer Reviewed
Amand M. (2015). Does the Business Cycle Matter for France? A Business Cycle Accounting Approach. Annals of Economics and Statistics, 321-344. Peer Reviewed
Astebro T., Mata J. ; Santos-Pinto L. (2015). Skewness seeking: Risk loving, optimism or overweighting of small probabilities?. Theory and Decision, 78, 189-208. Peer Reviewed
Bacchetta P. , Benhima K. (2015). The demand for liquid assets, corporate saving, and international capital flows. Journal of the European Economic Association, 13, 1101-1135. Peer Reviewed
Bacchetta P. , Benhima K. (2015). Corporate Saving in Global Rebalancing. Global Liquidity, Spillovers to Emerging Markets and Policy Responses (pp. 79-103). Central Bank of Chile, Santiago, Chile.
Berman N. , Couttenier M. (2015). External Shocks, Internal Shots: The Geography of Civil Conflicts. Review of Economics and Statistics, 97, 758-776. Peer Reviewed
Beutler T., Bichsel R., Bruhin A. ; Danton J. (2015). The Impact of Interest Rate Risk on Bank Lending. Université de Lausanne.
Bros C. , Couttenier M. (2015). Untouchability, homicides and water access. Journal of Comparative Economics, 43, 549-558. Peer Reviewed
Bruhin A., Goette L., Haenni S. ; Jiang L. (2015). Spillovers of Prosocial Motivation: Evidence from an Intervention Study on Blood Donors. University of Lausanne - HEC - DEEP.
Bruhin A., Goette L., Roethlisberger A., Markovic A. ; Buchli R. (2015). Call of Duty: The Effects of Phone Calls on Blood Donor Motivation. Transfusion, 55, 2645-2652. Peer Reviewed
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Brülhart M. , Schmidheiny K. (2015). Estimating the rivalness of state-level inward FDI. Journal of Regional Science, 55, 139-148. Peer Reviewed
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Esteban J., Morelli M. ; Rohner D. (2015). Strategic Mass Killings. Journal of Political Economy, 123, 1087-1132. Peer Reviewed
Flores G., Ingenhaag M. ; Maurer J. (2015). An anatomy of old-age disability: Time use, affect and experienced utility. Journal of Health Economics, 44, 150-160. Peer Reviewed
Klaus B. , Payot F. (2015). Paths to Stability in the Assignment Problem. The Journal of Dynamics and Games, 2, 257-287. Peer Reviewed
Krapf M. (2015). Age and Complementarity in Scientific Collaboration. Empirical Economics, 49, 751-781. Peer Reviewed
Lalive R., Landais C. ; Zweimüller J. (2015). Market Externalities of Large Unemployment Insurance Extension Programs. American Economic Review, 105, 3564-96. Peer Reviewed
Maurer J. , Ramos A. (2015). One-year routine opportunistic screening for hypertension in formal medical settings and potential improvements in hypertension awareness among older persons in developing countries: evidence from the Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE). American journal of epidemiology, 181, 180-184. Peer Reviewed
Mesrobian S.K., Bader M., Götte L., Villa A. E. P. ; Lintas A. (2015). Imperfect Decision Making and Risk Taking Are Affected by Personality. Decision Making: Uncertainty, Imperfection, Deliberation and Scalability (Vol. 538, pp. 145-184). Springer International Publishing.
Morelli M. , Rohner D. (2015). Resource Concentration and Civil Wars. Journal of Development Economics, 117, 32-47. Peer Reviewed
Moschetti K., Stadelmann P., Wangmo T., Holly A., Bodenmann P., Wasserfallen J.B. et al. (2015). Disease profiles of detainees in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland: gender and age differences in substance abuse, mental health and chronic health conditions. Bmc Public Health, 15, 872. Peer Reviewed
Santos-Pinto L., Bruhin A., Mata J. ; Astebro T. (2015). Detecting Heterogeneous Risk Attitudes with Mixed Gambles. Theory and Decision, 79, 573-600. Peer Reviewed
Schlegel J.C. (2015). Contracts versus salaries in matching: A general result. Journal of Economic Theory, 159, 552-573. Peer Reviewed


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Bacchetta P., Benhima K. ; Poilly C. (2014). Corporate Cash and Employment. Université de Lausanne - HEC - DEEP.
Berman N., Couttenier M., Rohner D. ; Thoenig M. (2014). This mine is mine! How minerals fuel conflicts in Africa. CEPR - Centre for Economic Policy Research.
Brülhart M. , Parchet R. (2014). Alleged tax competition: The mysterious death of inheritance taxes in Switzerland. Journal of Public Economics, 111, 63-78. Peer Reviewed
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Lalive R., Schlosser A., Steinhauer A. ; Zweimüller J. (2014). Parental Leave and Mothers' Careers: The Relative Importance of Job Protection and Cash Benefits. Review of Economic Studies, 81, 219-265. Peer Reviewed
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