AIM 2007

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18-19th june 2007 - HEC Lausanne - Switzerland

12th Conference of the AIM - Association Information et Management

The phenomenon of Free and Open software is neither a myth nor a utopia. It is a reality imposing itself on IS researchers and professionals. Free and Open software designers have indeed disrupted cultures and practices in IS development, by revealing their software codes, and by providing the right to re-use, modify and distribute these modifications.

Virtual communities of volunteer developers exist, and often lead large and complex projects. Thousands of virtual teams operate in distributed environment, and collaborate through simple and efficient methods and tools. These teams manage systems that are increasingly adopted by private companies, and by non governmental and public organisations (such as GNU/Linux or the server Apache).

It is necessary for the IS research community to explore all the dimensions of the Free and Open software phenomenon (whether it is human, technical, economical, or legal), in order to fully assess the stakes and opportunities.

The twelfth AIM Conference, to be held at HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) on June 18th and June 19th, 2007, encourages IS researchers to submit research papers inline with the following non-exhaustive list of themes, while remaining open to communications dealing with other IS themes.

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